Skin damage can do more than anything else to make you look older. By not having a dedicated skin care program, you could be adding 10-20 years to your appearance for no good reason. Here’s a list of the main culprits that can cause premature ageing of your skin:

  • natural ageing – collagen and elastin production slow down
  • sun damage – results in photo-aging of your skin
  • smoking – free radicals damage the structure of the skin through oxidation
  • poor diet – processed food is the biggest villain
  • stress
  • inflammation – leads to blemishes and pigmentation
  • high glucose levels – cause glycation of collagen fibres reducing renewal
  • sleep loss
  • gravity – everything starts to go south
  • pollution – environmental toxins attack the skin
  • blocked pores – leads to bacterial infection
  • hypothyroidism – an under active thyroid can result imbalances of hormones

Make sure you adopt a regular skin care program. Why would you want to look older than you actually are?