The eight point lift is an advanced technique that lifts the face by filling fat pads which diminish and sag with age. The treatment works to tighten the jaw line, straighten the mouth and define the cheekbones. The results last up to 16 months. There is no down time and the process itself is virtually painless. The 8 point lift is so called because eight points of the face are injected with filler for the following improvements:

  • Tightens the jawline
  • Defines cheekbones
  • Straightens the corners of the mouth
  • Gently lifts sagging jowls
Before and After use of the Nu-Derm System + tretinton
“From my first consultation with Mark, I immediately felt at ease and comfortable to talk to him about my requirements.

He made me feel at ease, told me procedures I was unaware of that would achieve my desired look. He walked me through all aspects of the procedure both pros and cons.

At no point did I feel pressured to have any procedures. He gave me an opportunity to go away and research, analyse and come to a decision.

Subsequently, I now use Mark on a regular basis and more that happy with his professionalism, attitude but more importantly his results.”

Karen, 42 year old woman
“I always thought treatments were for women but I visited with my partner and ended up having an 8 point lift which made me look and feel younger and fresher. Its given me more confidence. Can only thank Mark for the improvement he has made in me.”
BR, 44 year old man

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