Dr Mark Holmes Anti-Ageing Clinic is a doctor led private clinic. All patients are assessed and treated by advanced cosmetic anti-ageing Doctor Holmes (MBBS), a member of the American Academy of Anti-Ageing medicine and instructor in Expert Cosmetic Treatments.

Both of Dr Holmes’ clinics are modern practices offering a full range of anti-ageing treatments with exceptional service and after care.

Medical aesthetics are treatments that improve skin texture, tone and appearance. They are more invasive than conventional beauty treatments with more pronounced and long lasting effects. Results can be seen immediately or within a week, depending on the treatment.

Dr Mark Holmes

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“Having suffered a very stressful period in my life my face was looking drawn and tired….Immediately following the treatment I looked much fresher and more awake and this only got better over the following weeks.
My problem before I had treatment with Dr.Holmes was tired eyes, lines on forehead and around eyes, deep lines round mouth, my face looked very tired!…I have got excellent results from my treatment.
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