“Having suffered a very stressful period in my life my face was looking drawn and tired. I was beginning to show more pronounced lines around my eyes and down the side of my nose to my mouth. My jawline was not as defined and I was generally beginning to look older and feel less confident.

Immediately following the treatment I looked much fresher and more awake and this only got better over the following weeks. My whole face now looks firmer and more lifted but not in a pronounced or artificial way.

A previous attempt with Botox (through another doctor) had given me a droopy eyelid and little noticeable results. I was worried that this would happen again and found the lack of a tangible difference in my appearance just didn’t justify the expenditure.

Dr Holmes is very professional, with a friendly and gentle manner. He explains everything as he goes In great detail and manages to keep you at ease throughout the whole process. The results are noticeable but subtle. I now look in the mirror and see a reflection that’s still me but fresher and more vibrant. My eyes look lifted and I’ve regained the definition to my jawline. I don’t look at all “overdone” but more like I’ve just had a good holiday or lost a few pounds – the result is nice and subtle but enough to give me back my confidence in my looks.

Although the treatment is a little expensive you won’t regret it. Dr Holmes goes through all the different options available and gives a clear breakdown of the costs versus the benefits. There is no pressure at any time to have any immediate treatment and the information given allows you to make an informed decision without feeling obligated.

I would highly recommend this treatment if you are feeling and looking a little lackluster but are not yet ready for full-on face surgery. It is simple and virtually painless and the results are immediate and lasting. Dr Holmes is friendly, honest and professional with a genuine talent for making people feel and look their best. “

At the age of 30 it dawned on me that not only would I have to worry about the size of my bottom, but I now also had the daunting prospect of wrinkles to contend with too! After naively trusting in a few ‘doctors’ who claimed to know what they were doing, I luckily found Dr Holmes who’s ‘less is more’ approach gave me the results I knew I wanted. I’m now 36 and I revel in revealing my age, as people are often pretty surprised!

Apart from his kind, caring and trusting nature, his experience, his expertise is few and far between I have come to realise in this industry. I whole heartedly believe that with Dr Holmes treatments, managing the early signs of ageing in a subtle way, has not only given me confidence in my appearance, but also at the prospect of embracing the years to come, knowing that I’ll do so with less worry about looking old and feeling that way too. I recommend him to everyone I know.

Korin, 36, London
I am pleased with the look that Botox has given me as I look more rested. I was pleasantly surprised how quick and painless the procedure was. The Botox has also eliminated my migraines which I suffered from which was a bonus!
Michele, 46, Sussex
As a mum to four year old twin boys I had got used to looking exhausted and enviously admired my friends fresh faces, when they told me that their secret wasn’t more sleep it was Dr. Mark Holmes I booked an appointment!

Mark’s experience and manner gave me such confidence in his abilities that I wasn’t nervous, and I am thrilled with the results of my subtle Botox and fillers and would recommend him without hesitation. He is informative and trustworthy and exceedingly skilled at what he does.

Katy, 33, Buckinghamshire
“After many years of damaging my skin with the sun I was recommended to Mark. My lines are softened and I look younger. I even wear factor now.”
KJ, Sussex
“I was recommended to Mark. After 2 young children and sleep deprivation I constantly looked tired & older than my age. Thanks to Mark I look as if I have had a good 12 hours sleep, shame he can’t fix the tiredness. Wish I had been recommended before. Thank you Mark!”
JB, 37 years old, Buckinghamshire